Be sure to unblock the zip file before extracting everything!

Running PoshEventUI

  1. Navigate to the WMIEventUtility folder from a PowerShell console that is being 'run as an Administrator' to ensure that there are no issues.
  2. Run the WMIEventUtility.ps1 file.
    1. . .\wmieventutility.ps1


Connecting to a remote system

  1. Click on File>Connect to another computer
  1. Input a computername and click OK

Please be aware that this utility does require some background with WMI and WQL queries in order to function properly!

Creating a Filter

  1. Click on New under the Filter column
  2. Write a WQL query and give it a name that makes sense
  1. Click Create to create the filter

Creating a Consumer

  1. Click on New under the Consumer column
  2. Select the Consumer Type that matches your requirements
  3. Fill in the information in the text boxes related to your Consumer Type
  1. Click Create to create the Consumer

Creating a Binding

  1. Click on New under the Binding column
  2. Select the Filter and the Consumer that was created in the previous examples
    1. This is where the naming of the Filter and Consumer comes in handy
  1. Click Create to create the Binding and to enable the WMI Permanent Event Consumer

I do have plans of included some sample WQL queries for various tasks and future feature additions to this utility by including some template queries which can be made available from a selection dropdown. However, those will not be available for at least a few months. Any questions can be asked here in the discussions section about setting up queries or on other forums as well.

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