PoshEventUI 0.9
A simple User Interface built on PowerShell that allows a user to create permanent WMI events on local or remote systems.

Being that this is my first release, I have tried to iron out most of the bugs in this utility. As I am sure I missed some bugs (or more than some :)), please be sure to use the Issues page (https://posheventui.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic) to let me know of what you find and to vote on those that have been submitted by others. I will do my best to get these taken care of as time permits. Same goes for any feature requests as well.

Related blog post: http://learn-powershell.net/2013/08/16/introducing-posheventui-a-ui-way-to-create-permanent-wmi-events/

Main page allows for viewing of existing Filters, Consumers and Bindings
(UI Design for main page based on Trevor Sullivan's WMIEventHelper.exe available from http://powerevents.codeplex.com)
You can also select to remove or add any of these items and connect to a remote system using the File menu.

Creating a Filter

Creating a Consumer
Multiple options of Consumer types available

Binding the Filter and Consumer

Future Plans

  • Add runspace support for the UI
  • Add templates for Filters and Consumers
    • Allow for creation of custom templates
  • Bug fixes
  • Other request as they come in

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