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PoshEventUI 0.9

A simple User Interface built on PowerShell that allows a user to create permanent WMI events on local or remote systems.

Being that this is my first release, I have tried to iron out most of the bugs in this utility. As I am sure I missed some bugs (or more than some :)), please be sure to use the Issues page ( to let me know of what you find and to vote on those that have been submitted by others. I will do my best to get these taken care of as time permits. Same goes for any feature requests as well.

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Main page allows for viewing of existing Filters, Consumers and Bindings
(UI Design for main page based on Trevor Sullivan's WMIEventHelper.exe available from
You can also select to remove or add any of these items and connect to a remote system using the File menu.

Creating a Filter

Creating a Consumer
Multiple options of Consumer types available

Binding the Filter and Consumer

Future Plans

  • Add runspace support for the UI
  • Add templates for Filters and Consumers
    • Allow for creation of custom templates
  • Bug fixes
  • Other request as they come in

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